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The Donaldson Family // San Juan Capistrano, CA

How crazy was that storm we had last week?? I was running out on our patio to try and save my little container garden from getting blown away while the lightning and thunder was OUT OF CONTROL. The last time I saw that much water falling from the sky was in Papua New Guinea. Crazy right? We were super thankful that it cleared up in time for our family shoot on Sunday with one of my favorite families of all time, the Donaldson’s. I’ve seen them get married,  met both Owen and Lucy when they were born, and have watched Faith grow up into a beautiful young lady. Both Faith and Owen were in my wedding party and pretty much stole the show with their cuteness, and Lucy was still in the womb… now a year later we get to document their beautiful family, one that is known for their love, integrity, faith, fun, and amazing friendships.

Lindsay went for a great color theme don’t you think? It works so perfectly with the Orange trees and greenery! This is one of my new favorite places to shoot:)


Hope you had a great weekend!

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Jen Disney - April 18, 2012 - 10:53 am

So pretty! Great work friend!