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Sunflowers, Old Tractors and Big Personality // The Donaldson’s Part 2

The Donaldson kids gave me some of my favorite images ever, so much so that they deserved their own post. Owen gives some of the best facial expressions I’ve seen in a long time, and always loves to make you laugh.. he is growing into such a handsome little guy!


I just LOVE his silly faces, so awesome!


And Lucy is so sweet! She loved the flowers everywhere and REALLY enjoys saying “Hi.” It really is the simple things!


And then Faith… what an awesome big sister, she watches out for Owen and Lucy with love and care and is SO smart. This girl can paint with the best of them too, her first paintings at 6 are better than my best at “twenty-something-ish.” And she is just so beautiful, I love her curly hair!


Are they not so cute together??
[Here’s a tip for shooting kids: get ridiculous! I put a sunflower in my pony tail and acted like I didn’t know it was there and they thought it was hilarious.]


Hope you enJOYed round 2! Isn’t this warm weather amazing? It feels like summer and I love it!

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Jen Disney - April 19, 2012 - 7:42 pm

These are so great! Such cute kiddos!