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Kari // Lifestyle Behind the Scenes // San Clemente, CA

Every so often I get an itch to try out new locations but for one reason or another I can’t use it for a job… sometimes it is a logistics issue and the location is just too far away from a clients home, or there is some sort of a hike involved and not kid friendly, or it just doesn’t fit the personality of the client.. you get the idea. Now that I live in San Clemente I have been doing quite a bit of location scouting close to home and am super stoked on using them, but on this particular one I just couldn’t wait! If you are a photographer and happen to find a spot you are super inspired to shoot in then grab some subjects and make it happen ASAP. Build on the momentum, and stay connected to what inspired you in the first place. These types of situations happen a lot if you keep your eyes open for them, but it takes training to see them more and more as it’s like a muscle you have to train. Also, as someone who has majorly burned out before I can’t stress this practice enough. These are the shoots that keep you alive inside, that make space for fun and creativity, and especially help in honing your game. While I benefit greatly from this practice, I do it just as much for my clients so that they get the best of me for their photo session. There is always something to learn, and I love learning.

So that said, I learned a lot from this last shoot. I learned that I spend a lot of time with groups of people like families and couples, but when it comes to just one person in a shot I felt a bit lost. And I was glad to notice that. Its a much different dynamic, and the posing that works well for two people doesn’t quite translate for a portrait of one. So this was a great opportunity for me to learn more posing techniques and suggest movements to make it feel more natural.

Enter, Kari.

She did such an awesome job… it was super humid, we hiked up a hill, had to change in the middle of an open trail for the outfit changes, and she did it all with a smile on her face. Instead of giving her some static poses which didn’t seem to really fit her nature or her super awesome wardrobe, I had her moving around a lot to create more natural movement. Things like playing with her hair, running up the trail away from me, playing with her hat (props help a lot) and then I waited for the natural moments to click the trigger where she seemed free from a pose. I think it worked for me. Another trick was we had Andrea there (my new Album designer I will be introducing shortly!) as a part of the shoot so there was always someone off on the side to make it more fun.

This was just the first round, more to share around the corner…

Inspired? Get out and shoot. Giddy up.


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amy - July 26, 2012 - 3:52 pm

Love and miss you friend! Great work as always.