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Jess & Jon and Their Baby Bump // Irvine, CA

Jess’s family and my camera have a connection. Not just the years of friendship she has shared so closely with my sister and living three doors down from our parents house in Irvine, and not just the fact that I got to hold my camera at her wedding and document their special day, but a connection that is witnessing a lot of major life milestones and I love clicking away at these moments. I remember when we were really young and my sister and Jess would come over to our house and they would get all dressed up in my moms clothes, Jess would play around with our makeup and style us with long strands of pearls and high heels we could barely walk in, and I would take my moms camera and I would do a photo shoot with them and pretend we had a real studio at the top of the stairs in the hallway. Fast forward to 2012, and Jess did my hair and make-up for my wedding, and I photographed her wedding. Funny how things work out right?

Now Jess and Jon are expecting their first this October, and I can NOT wait to meet their baby girl. If you just look at these two together you know they will make beautiful babies! We met up in Irvine for a quick Baby Bump session, working hard to get as many shots as we could before Jess wouldn’t feel well. She is in the 1% of women who have really bad morning sickness all throughout pregnancy, so if you think of her send a quick prayer her way! She was such a trooper though and we got some great shots…. she looks amazing and of course, my camera loves her. Duh.


























Can’t wait to meet baby A! She is going to be here faster than we know, and for Jess’s sake I hope so. Hang in there girl, you are a stunning mom-to-be and couldn’t be any more beautiful! And great job to Jon for taking such good care of you. Much love to you both!!

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