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Jessi and Austin // Coto De Caza, CA


This backyard wedding in Coto was done perfectly with soft pastels, beautiful personal details, and the house was a lot of fun to shoot in since its architecture is so unique. I was DYING with the lines, the light, and Jessi is stunning so she was really fun for my camera to work with:)I have shot in Coto before, but never in someone’s backyard… the setup was really cool since all of their neighbors share this huge yard area that the kids all played in growing up, and now I believe this is the second wedding they’ve had there. It’s such a gift to have a great neighborhood like that, and I’m appreciative of it all the more now that we have such awesome neighbors too and know how lucky that is! Anyways back to the wedding… I loved this day and everything about it.

Jessi had a letter from her man that she read while getting ready, and he must have said something super touching because her reaction was so sweet! I just loved how she had her hair done for the day, I wish my hair could do that!


Her dress was awesome! I loved the one shoulder and the soft draping. It was a beautiful silhouette and fit Jessi perfectly.

I mean COME ON… amazing light, gorgeous bride, perfect space to shoot in and a family who didn’t mind rearranging some furniture for the perfect shot. Just awesome.

See what I mean about the lines in their home??

Love it.

Her family said some blessings over her as she went out the door before seeing her soon-to-be husband, so sweet and thoughtful.

On our way!

Austin had the perfect reaction to seeing his bride, he couldn’t stop looking at her. Ummm cute??

We wandered around for some scenic shots…


Love it. The perfect blue California sky.


It was an awesome day helping my friend Dane Sanders with this wedding. I’ll be sharing more from their day in another post featuring their awesome details. enJOY for now and I’ll be back. Promise.

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