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Vintage Travel Birthday Theme // Murrieta, CA // Part 2


Get ready for my favorite part of Izzy and Paisley’s birthday celebration… the fun with the hot-air balloon backdrop and the birthday cake smash! The kids were given fun animal face masks to use for the photos and they were so fun it was sometimes hard to get a picture of the cute faces behind them:)

The kids all got together for a couple fun and silly shots in the hot air balloon, they were so well behaved! Impressive group right there.

Do you remember in Part 1 when I mentioned that their parents MADE them a kitchen for play? Dad built it and Mom sewed the curtain and dishtowels and they both did the painting… it was AMAZING. So creative and fun all down to the colorful vintage knobs. The kids loved it and were playing and exploring every piece!

Once it was time for the cake to come out the kids were excited for the sugar and the parents were ooh-ing and awe-ing over Rachael’s Martha Stewart skills. The chair was a DIY project they made together too, I just loved the lavender color and well, everything about it. Izzy and Paisley both had their own cake and their own birthday song and I think its safe to say they had a pretty great time at their birthday party!

Izzy sharing how old he is now…

I love this next one. The way kids look at cake is AWESOME.

Oh man. That was some good cake and I think she liked it.

Izzy was pretty stoked on his cake too!

That is a happy birthday boy.

They did a pretty great job don’t you think?? Bundles of creativity all around and not to mention just great all-around quality people. Wonderful job you guys and thank you for having me! Happy Birthday Izzy and Paisley:)

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