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FastTrack Roadshow Workshop

This week I attended my good friend Dane SandersFast Track Roadshow Workshop in San Diego… hosted by the very gracious Garrett of Garrett Photography. We had a WONDERFUL time and I can’t recommend the workshop enough to any other photographers out there… I’ve gone to my fair share of workshops in the last couple years (R&D is a very worthy investment in any business) and I just wish so much that this was available when I was first starting out. However, if this is something you might consider jumping into, no matter where you are at in your business Dane will engage you and push you in ways you’ll thank him for later.:)I’m just so proud of this Fast Track movement and I feel so excited to be a part of it… Fast Track is inspiring photographers to really dig in deep to who they are and work out of that… and the workshop gives a ridiculous amount of tools to help get the job done. My favorite part? The community. Freaking amazing.

Part of our time together included some shooting which was so much fun… and I loved it when Dane gave me a challenge: Using a location chosen for me, with only 2.5 minutes and ONE frame, set up our models in a shot with emphasis on composition. BRING IT! Here is what came out…


What an incredible couple of days. I feel like a thief for walking away with all of this:

  • Fast Track Roadshow Workshop Exhaustive Notes ($25 value)
  • 1 year subscription to ShowItSites ($468 value)
  • 1 year subscription to SmugMug Pro ($150 value)
  • $50 off ShowItWeb Slideshow Software ($50 value)
  • Kevin Kubota’s Digital Photography Bootcamp Book ($35 value)
  • 6 months subscription to ($125 value)
  • Fast Track Photographer Audiobook ($25 value)
  • 2 copies of Dane’s Fast Track Photographer Book to share ($50 value)
  • 2 pDNA Assessments to track your progress over time ($40 value)
  • 3 copies of the Fast Track eBook to share with others ($27 value)
  • 1 year subscription to the Fast Track Forums ($240 value)
  • 1 year subscription to the Fast Track Coaching – a weekly LIVE group coaching call with Dane, to keep your learning going well beyond the workshop ($108 value)
  • 200 DotBucks from ShootDotEdit – basically the equivalent of a free portrait or engagement session edited for little or no cost ($55 value)
  • 2 months FREE of ShootQ Studio Management software with a third month bonus when you book your first event ($120 value)
  • 1 year subscription to Pictage Lite ($199 value)
  • $100 discount on your first KISS Wedding Book ($100 value)
  • $50 off a Drobo from Data Robotics ($50 value)
  • BONUS “DIAL-IN” DAY OF TRAINING – we are providing a pre-workshop “Dial-In” Day with techs from companies like ShootQ to get your entire workflow set-up right before we even get started… imagine arriving with nothing and leaving with everything you need ($450 value)

Holy Dang. The next workshop is in Chicago! Take a look HERE for the dates and to signup.

[*Disclaimer: No, I don’t get commission for saying any of this, I just really believe in Dane and Fast Track and I know that anyone who gets to benefit from this will be better off because of it. It’s been huge for me and I want the same for other photographers in our industry. “A rising tide lifts all boats!”]

On another note, this morning I went surfing with the fabulous Amy Hinden and we almost collided with some dolphins! It was one of those moments where I was freaked out and completely in awe at the same moment. Imagine a wave about to crash on you but you can’t dive under it because there are 2 dolphins surfing just inches in front of you… oh man. Absolutely incredible. It reminded me of how I feel in my business… it’s a new wave this year and I’m excited for what’s to come.

Have a great day!

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Amy - June 11, 2009 - 7:29 pm

Awesome pic! And this morning was amazing!

Karen - June 11, 2009 - 9:16 pm

Thanks for sharing! I am so pumped. I just signed up for his portland show and can’t even wait. :)

andrew - June 12, 2009 - 9:37 am

awesome! so what came of it, did you pull out, bail out or ride the wave ?! i hope to def be following along in your blog! cheers!

andrewZ - June 12, 2009 - 9:38 am

awesome! so what came of it, did you pull out, bail out or ride the wave ?! i hope to def be following along in your blog! cheers! OH! how dare i forget to say that the picture is awesome!