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Mary and Andrew // San Clemente, CA // Part 1

A couple weeks ago we had some rain, a thick marine layer for days, and all I was aching for was some gorgeous blue sky and golden sunlight… which is really funny because I LOVE rain and usually find it such a treat. But I knew exactly what I wanted and when it came time for this shoot we got SO SO lucky! That morning it was grey skies and the like, but by the time we headed down that evening it all burned off and we were blessed with everything I could have hoped for… all the blue sky and perfectly golden light I could want. As if that wasn’t enough of a blessing in itself, Mary and Andrew pretty much knocked it out of the park in front of my camera.

They are hilarious together by the way, always laughing and joking around… they are a joy to hang out with.

I think that last one might be my favorite. She’s in love. He let’s her shine. And that is just the most beautiful thing to see.

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