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In case you ever wondered…

about where I am to get a shot, here ya go:

It looks like I made a nest in the grass, nice.

But this is what we got:

That first shot was thanks to the wonderful Jen Disney:)

It’s not that I didn’t like that perspective from above, its actually got a nice and calm feel to it with the brown mountainside and the green grass, and I like where they are in relationship to the landscape behind them. But I was going for the big blue sky that has a certain color in the mountains that you just don’t see anywhere else. Also, this location was extremely special and personal to Ryan and Christine so it was important for me to capture all the elements that they loved about the area since it was where they chose to commit their lives to each other… and that blue sky was a detail that had my attention. The landscape was so amazing and you can see Lake Tahoe in the background from this viewpoint (another important detail), but if I took the picture from eye level there was too much going on… so when I got down low the grass cut out the distractions at the bottom of the frame and I also shot wide to bring in the blue sky. And there you have it.

I just started a new category called “Behind The Scenes” so I can fill you in on this fun stuff more often. I get a lot of emails asking questions about how I get such a blue sky and the like, so hopefully this will help. Keep the questions coming, and then I’ll blog them as I can:)

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Erin - October 14, 2010 - 11:34 pm

BEAUTIFUL! I notice you have your flash attached to your camera – did you use it for this particular shot? It seems like so many photographers (me included) are afraid to use their flash when shooting outdoors… So, I guess my question is – what are some good ways to use your flash in an outdoor situation without blowing out the subject or background?