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We are officially in WEDDING month!

I’m getting married THIS month! Crazy! It is so insane to me how fast the time has flown by during my engagement to Zak… on one hand I have been just wanting the day to get here already, and on the other I feel like there is still so much to do! This engagement time is such a sweet time of preparation and of “now and not yet,” of months of careful planning and beautiful details and…. buying postage stamps. Seriously, I have never seen the post office this much in my life EVER. But, it is all part of the process of getting married and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Zak is one of the best gifts God has ever given me and he was entirely worth my 30 years of waiting and more.

So with all of this wedding planning and the holidays and home searching and moving my office during the transition, I have unfortunately neglected my blog and keeping you all in the loop. Will you forgive me? It’s one of my goals for this year to diligently blog on a consistent basis… wait for it… for at LEAST once a week. I have so much more from my shoots this last year that I would love to share on here, with more weddings and inspiration shoots to come, and I feel like my perspective on the wedding world has changed incredibly after going through the process for myself. And I want to share. I want to share about our decisions that we made, or anything that I think another bride might find helpful. After 4 years of shooting weddings there was a good deal of knowledge I had going in, but even then I still have had my moments feeling totally lost!

So, for starters, hire an amazing photographer:)We hired my wonderful friend and incredibly talented photographer John Robert Woods who already killed it with our engagement photos. He just opened a studio in Orange too!

And then, hire an amazing coordinator. Jesi Haack Weddings is pretty much saving my life right now and I couldn’t recommend this girl enough. I first met her as a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot a couple years back that she also coordinated and it has been so fun to watch her absolutely KILL it in the wedding industry and grow into one of the most highly sought after wedding designer/planner/coordinator’s out there right now. Love her.

So that is my update for now… and what is a post without any photos on a photo blog??

This was taken last weekend when we went back and visited the spot where he proposed. Awe.

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Melissa Jill :) - March 8, 2011 - 6:42 pm

SOOOO excited for you Karey!! I actually got the news from Jen at WPPI and couldn’t believe it! SO awesome! Missed seeing you there but I guess getting married is a good reason to ditch :). Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

Dana Kuhn - August 22, 2011 - 9:49 am

HI Karey!!!
My name is Dana, I met Zak through the Burn Institute’s Camp Beyond the Scars. He shared with me your blog and what an amazing photographer you are :) My son, Bodie turns the BIG ONE September 21 and I would like to ask to schedule a one year birthday/family photo session with you? Please call me at your convenience at 619-916-7213.
Thank You! Dana