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Fiji Honeymoon // Part 2

I can’t believe that it’s already been over a month since Zak and I got married, time is moving so stinking fast! Fiji almost feels like it was a dream by now, but thankfully I have a bracelet that I bought during a village visit and every time I look at it I’m reminded of our honeymoon and that it DID actually happen. That place is seriously heaven on earth!

Our burre really felt like home while we were there, and I loved everything about it. Especially the chaise lounges that we could layout on and take a nap out in the sun. And the good news? We never got burned! Thank you coppertone 50+ … you may have painted me white as Casper but my freckled skin is grateful.


Every morning we would sit out on our porch and read before breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed my french pressed coffee and hang time with one of my all time favorite writers, Anne Lamott. She just has this amazing way with words and a rare ability to write from a place of transparency and grace that transforms my heart and inspires me to grow and live like she does. She is highly in touch with her quirks, her failures, her fears, and yet still loves and accepts herself and gives herself grace and from there is able to extend that to those around her. I long to find that place for myself too and her writing is aiding that process. So that said, I recommend her highly.

Warning: no makeup.

This was also a morning usual:

Those shells are filled with water so we can wash our feet off of the sand before going into the burre, and they are at every entry. And every morning the frogs would find them and remind us who really lives here:)

Qamea did a great job of offering us some really amazing activities, a couple of which were hikes to waterfalls where we could jump off them and/or swim around. We would take a boat over to the island just across from us called Taveuni and then get driven to a trailhead. This first hike we went on was a little over 5 miles that went through the jungle on the coastline. It was gorgeous!

Bug spray was a necessity so as long as we were prepared we didn’t get bothered by them much… but my camera bag was another story.



We hiked past a village with a bunch of kids just hanging out on the trail, they were so precious! They reminded me a lot of the kids I met in Papua New Guinea. You can check out those posts from a couple years ago on my old blog HERE,  HERE and HERE.

This their school that the older kids go to during the day. Class was in session.

Our guide Eddie was a mover and a shaker and hard to keep up with even though he was hiking barefoot the whole time (well hard for me to hike that fast and take pictures at the same time! no joke.). He has two spots he stops for pictures and this was the first one… it was so funny because he would say “Pictuuure!” and then as fast as the shutter clicked we’d hear “Okay, WE GO!”

Note the walking stick. All Zak.

Gotta take a selfy.

I was seriously blown away by the landscape! So lush and rich in color everywhere I looked.

Can you find Zak?


I love spindly trees. So unique.

So lush and so green! Could not get over the colors over there.

One of the villages we walked by was drying out their Kava in the sun so you can see our guide Eddie showing us part of their process for preparing it with Zak. Yes, we tried the Kava at the Wednesday night Kava Ceremony, and it tasted like dirty soap water that left your tongue numb. Bleh, but interesting nonetheless.


Ok I think that is enough for one post, I’ll have to break this all up somehow so I don’t have 50 photos in one post! Haha. Next up are the waterfalls!


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amy - April 9, 2011 - 11:46 am

this makes me miss you a lot. And want to go to Fiji :)

Dad - April 11, 2011 - 10:44 pm

I love how you imbue your experiences to the max!

lauren - September 21, 2012 - 11:03 am

Fiji is such an amazing spot for a honeymoon. It provides the perfect back drop.