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Recap of this summer!

Ok so it’s suffices to say that things have been pretty busy around here this year and I have completely failed at keeping up on the blog train. But that is where I give myself some grace and remember that we had a wedding, I moved twice, we bought our first home and then fixed it all up ourselves, and we re-located my office to work from home too. I’m tired just thinking about it all! It’s finally starting to feel like home around here since we moved in this past May, and needless to say I’ve been super obsessed with every design site out there! I’m sure you probably know about these but just in case you don’t here are my current faves:


Someday I’ll share some pictures of our new place (whenever I can clean it first!) but I have a lot of shoots and the like to share first, so I thought to get started I would post a favorite from some of my work this summer that is pretty much all over the map from San Diego to St. Louis…. these just make me happy:

And summer isn’t over yet right?!?



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