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Primal Bacon Wrapped Egg Muffin

You might have remembered back in my post in January that Zak and I have decided to go Primal (similar to Paleo) this year, and we’ve actually done a pretty darn good job of sticking to it. I’ll come back to what the Primal Diet consists of for the most part in a later post, because right now I want to share this amazing breakfast Zak made the other day! He got home from work (which is around 9am, his fire department does 24 hour shifts) and while it would have made complete sense for him to just pass out and catch up on some rest, he went for husband of the year and made my new favorite breakfast! He got some inspiration from recipes I found for egg muffins on Pinterest that I wanted to try:

The Simple Delights Blog had a 100 Calorie version that looked good that you can find here


Multiply Delicious had an egg muffins recipe that works well for busy mornings here:

So fast forward to last Friday, Zak was inspired to try it out and make it his own by frying some bacon till it was half way done, then using the bacon as the wrap for the egg in the muffin tin. He baked it with some goat cheese and salt and pepper, and then sauteed some bell peppers and onions in coconut oil to top it off. Um, it was AMAZING! Such good flavors together, and not to mention really pretty on a plate.

We started eating them before I thought about sharing this on here, but thankfully we had one left over! So before I devoured it, here was part of the process. Next time I’ll make sure to capture more so its easier to follow, but I’m sure you get the idea.

My new favorite morning drink that I found thanks to my cousins Chris and Carrie, is to fill your glass with 3/4 coconut water and then 1/4 OJ. I’ve been doing a lot of Hot Yoga lately and the coconut water is great for keeping hydrated… not to mention it has more potassium than a banana, five essential electrolytes, low cal, fat-free, low in carbohydrates, and shoooooot, it tastes so good after a hard workout. Zico is my favorite brand because I think it has the best flavor, but if you don’t like plain coconut water this is a great way to get the benefits while getting your OJ fix without all the sugar from a full glass.

Zak is an amazing husband and I’ve had the best first year of marriage with him. He is so thoughtful and giving, I mean he hadn’t slept in days and he still put taking care of me before himself. I heard and expected the first year to be hard, which yes it is hard figuring out schedule’s and such, but being married to this guy is pretty easy and I’m so thankful for him. He was worth waiting MANY YEARS for.

I’ll be sharing more of his “inspirations” in my new Recipe’s Category so keep on the lookout for those. Have a great Friday!

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