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Vintage Travel Birthday Theme // Murrieta, CA // Part 1

This last weekend was Izzy and Paisley’s 4th and 1st birthday joint celebration, and their family did a pretty incredible job throwing them a Vintage Travel Party! Every detail was so fun and creative from the make-your-own-parfait bar to the hot-air balloon photo backdrop. Rachael and Ashley are amazing do-it-yourselfers and they even made a play kitchen from scratch as their big birthday present for the kids! We did some fun family photos during the party too, and it is always such a treat for me to see families grow in front of my camera. Last time I saw them Izzy was barely talking, and this time he was asking me all about my camera and what buttons did what… he’s such a smart kid!

Walking up to their door I knew it was going to be a fun day… how cool is their welcome wreath??

Hot air balloons made with white lanterns and fun polka-dot straws with clouds…

Yummy quiche, make-your-own parfait bar with super cute wooden chevron spoons, I mean amazing right?

Pinwheels to decorate the gift table and vintage party hats were huge hits with the kids, especially the horns!

So cute and everyone loved it, especially the kids who could help themselves!

Family hot-air balloon photo, happy birthday to Paisley and Izzy! Their birthdays are one day apart. Don’t you love their dresses?? Rachael’s dress is vintage and it carried the theme perfectly.

Magazine-worthy family.

Like I said, the horns were a hit:)

In the next post will be more fun with the kids at the party and my favorite, the cake!! Can’t wait to share those one’s, they hit it out of the part with the design and it was Paisley’s first cake ever. enJOY till then!

Felicia - October 4, 2012 - 8:12 pm

THANKS Karey for the awesome photo shoot! It was so much fun having you be apart of our special day!

Paisley & Izzy’s Grammy

Karey Michelle - October 4, 2012 - 11:29 pm

Thanks so much for your kind comment! Always a pleasure to see you and work with your talented family. :) Thanks again!

Berray Family // Portland, OR

Zak and I just got home from seeing some of our best friends get married in the Corvallis area of Oregon and also hanging with his fam in Portland for the last 10 days. AMAZING time and it went by too fast. We got some great quality friend and family time over some amazing farm-to-table food, and part of that time was a photo shoot before a Saturday family BBQ with Jayson and Lauren and Liam. I can’t wait to meet the newest addition to their fam next February, so exciting!

Love you guys, can’t wait to get back up there soon!!

Amy Shultz - October 3, 2012 - 1:02 pm

Karey, these photo’s are so great! They just capture the whole dynamic of Lolo and Jayce’s lil family so well. :) Keep flexing those creative muscles sasster.

Jessi and Austin // Coto De Caza, CA


This backyard wedding in Coto was done perfectly with soft pastels, beautiful personal details, and the house was a lot of fun to shoot in since its architecture is so unique. I was DYING with the lines, the light, and Jessi is stunning so she was really fun for my camera to work with:)I have shot in Coto before, but never in someone’s backyard… the setup was really cool since all of their neighbors share this huge yard area that the kids all played in growing up, and now I believe this is the second wedding they’ve had there. It’s such a gift to have a great neighborhood like that, and I’m appreciative of it all the more now that we have such awesome neighbors too and know how lucky that is! Anyways back to the wedding… I loved this day and everything about it.

Jessi had a letter from her man that she read while getting ready, and he must have said something super touching because her reaction was so sweet! I just loved how she had her hair done for the day, I wish my hair could do that!


Her dress was awesome! I loved the one shoulder and the soft draping. It was a beautiful silhouette and fit Jessi perfectly.

I mean COME ON… amazing light, gorgeous bride, perfect space to shoot in and a family who didn’t mind rearranging some furniture for the perfect shot. Just awesome.

See what I mean about the lines in their home??

Love it.

Her family said some blessings over her as she went out the door before seeing her soon-to-be husband, so sweet and thoughtful.

On our way!

Austin had the perfect reaction to seeing his bride, he couldn’t stop looking at her. Ummm cute??

We wandered around for some scenic shots…


Love it. The perfect blue California sky.


It was an awesome day helping my friend Dane Sanders with this wedding. I’ll be sharing more from their day in another post featuring their awesome details. enJOY for now and I’ll be back. Promise.

Camp Beyond the Scars 2012

Zak and I recently got back from spending a week at camp working with the Burn Institute and their yearly Camp Beyond The Scars for burn survivor kids aged 5-17. It was a pretty incredible experience to be their photographer and especially to serve alongside my husband for the first time… it was awesome! I’ve always had the camp bug ever since I worked for Hume Lake Christian Camps, who I can also thank for my photography start, so this opportunity felt like a great fit for both Zak and I to do together.

The Burn Institute is heavily dependent on the money that Firefighters in San Diego raise during their boot drives** to send kids to camp, and this year they were able to send about 70 burn survivors go to camp for free and just be a kid for the week. So cool right?? The kids’ families don’t have to pay anything, and if you can imagine what a financial strain they are under already with all of the medical bills and constant doctors appointments, it means a lot.

[**What is a Boot Drive?? Since I didn’t know exactly what this meant before I was a firefighter wife, here’s the skinny! Each year hundreds of firefighters rally each other together all over San Diego County to meet up at intersections in their communities to collect donations in their BOOTS during the morning and evening commutes. So if you are down there and see firefighters asking for money in their boots, would you consider giving? And this is cool too… you can text a $5 donation to BURN at 20222 if you want to help now.]

The cool thing about Camp Beyond the Scars is that the kids can share their experiences in a supportive camp environment. So not only do they get the support they need, but this year they had such a nice facility [Oakbridge in Ramona] that they could play sand volleyball, learn archery, swim and jump off high dives, skate in the skate park, and even take a beach day in Coronado and go sailing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and build sand castles. The kids LOVED it. The amount of donations make THE difference in the type of facilities that can be rented, so we are hoping and praying the kids get this sweet venue for next year too.

During the beach day there were a lot of news organizations getting the story on Camp, so there were some photos that the Union Tribute photographer took that I can share with you! Unfortunately I can’t share any of my pictures on here for safety purposes of the kids… sometimes kids have to be relocated and public pictures can’t be posted so I’m stoked I can have a couple photos to share that are already released.

All photos following are from the Union Tribune

Excerpt from the Tribune: “Marius falls off a rescue board by Crown Cove Aquatic Center during a field day for Camp Beyond the Scars. Marius, who was burned in a house fire in Romania that claimed his parents, lives in Lakeside.”



Hey look its me! We got to take a 20 minute cruise around the harbor thanks to David Flint and his crew who graciously donated their sailboat and time for the afternoon.


Hey look its me and my camera! Surprise. It was time to come in for lunch!


Tribune Excerpt: “Campers got their chance to be on paddleboards to 22-foot sailboats like this one and even two 36 footers too.”

I already can’t wait until next year to do it all over again. Zak said this when we got home and I think it sums everything up perfectly:

“Some advice for you….. Go volunteer for your community, for a charity, at a hospital, etc. You will meet some people that are also volunteers that are a little strange, that help out for the wrong reasons. Then you will meet the people that help out for all the right reasons…and those are the kinds of people you need in your life.”


Jess & Jon and Their Baby Bump // Irvine, CA

Jess’s family and my camera have a connection. Not just the years of friendship she has shared so closely with my sister and living three doors down from our parents house in Irvine, and not just the fact that I got to hold my camera at her wedding and document their special day, but a connection that is witnessing a lot of major life milestones and I love clicking away at these moments. I remember when we were really young and my sister and Jess would come over to our house and they would get all dressed up in my moms clothes, Jess would play around with our makeup and style us with long strands of pearls and high heels we could barely walk in, and I would take my moms camera and I would do a photo shoot with them and pretend we had a real studio at the top of the stairs in the hallway. Fast forward to 2012, and Jess did my hair and make-up for my wedding, and I photographed her wedding. Funny how things work out right?

Now Jess and Jon are expecting their first this October, and I can NOT wait to meet their baby girl. If you just look at these two together you know they will make beautiful babies! We met up in Irvine for a quick Baby Bump session, working hard to get as many shots as we could before Jess wouldn’t feel well. She is in the 1% of women who have really bad morning sickness all throughout pregnancy, so if you think of her send a quick prayer her way! She was such a trooper though and we got some great shots…. she looks amazing and of course, my camera loves her. Duh.


























Can’t wait to meet baby A! She is going to be here faster than we know, and for Jess’s sake I hope so. Hang in there girl, you are a stunning mom-to-be and couldn’t be any more beautiful! And great job to Jon for taking such good care of you. Much love to you both!!

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